Ayoub Sisters

Join The Ayoub Sisters and play with them
in their new single ‘Uptown Funk’

Ayoub Sisters at Piano

"It’s been wonderful connecting with musical sisters from all over the world in celebrating National Sister's Day. Engaging with musicians and coming together to form the world's very first All Sisters Orchestra with our own orchestral arrangement of 'Uptown Funk’ has been an absolute joy."
Sarah & Laura Ayoub

The Ayoub Sisters were spotted a year ago by Mark Ronson after posting a cover online of ‘Uptown Funk’. They were then taken on a surprise visit to Abbey Road Studios where they met Mark Ronson himself and were asked to re-record a cover of the track with a small group of musicians. The girls have now returned to that same studio to record ‘Uptown Funk’ with a full symphony orchestra as part of their debut album.

But they want to take it one step further. Laura and Sarah are now inviting YOU to join their incredible journey and play with them in the first ever online orchestra, made up entirely of sisters!


Welcome to the first ever All Sisters Orchestra. You can join The Ayoub Sisters and play with them in their new single ‘Uptown Funk’ by completing the following steps.

1. Download the audio clip and your PDF part for ‘Uptown Funk’

Click here to download

2. Play along to the track using headphones for the backing track

3. Upload your video to YouTube

4. Fill in the form below